Recruiting Policies

The Career Development Center abides by the NACE Principles for Professional Practice
Any employer whose job postings or recruiting practices are found in violation of the Career Development Center’s Employer Recruiting Policies or the NACE Principles for Professional Practice will have their recruiting privileges permanently revoked.

On Campus Recruiting and Career Fairs
Employers participating in on-campus interviews and career fairs must abide by the Career Development Centers Job and Internship Posting Terms and Conditions. If you have questions regarding career fair registration or on-campus interview space.

Job and Internship Posting Terms and Conditions
The Career Development Center will only publish job/internship postings that abide by the following terms and conditions:

Pay Structure
Organizations will be considered for job postings, on-campus recruiting, and career fairs only if the payout structure is clearly defined. The Career Development Center does not publish 100% commission based jobs and internships, nor does the Center permit job or internship postings with base salaries that are drawn from future commissions. We reserve the right to reject your posting if it does not meet the North Carolina minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Advanced Leads or Monetary Start-Up Costs 
Employers or internship hosts requiring a monetary start-up fee or contact information on potential leads will not be permitted.

Network Marketing or Multi -Level Relation (Pyramid)
Postings for network marketing organizations or organizations with a multi-level relation (pyramid) structure will not be made.

Inclusive Language
Employers and internship hosts must use inclusive language in their job and internship descriptions.

Complete Contact Information
Employers and internship hosts must offer the Career Development Center staff complete contact information including phone, e-mail, web address, and physical address.

Clearly Defined Descriptions
The Career Development Center does not post positions in which the job or internship description is not clearly defined or is subject to suspicion.

Organizational Structure
Job and internship postings must be associated with a clearly defined business or organization. All organizations must have a website with a matching email address domain for its contact person. The Career Development Center does not service private individuals.

Third Party Recruiters (employment or staffing agencies, search firms)
Agencies, organizations, or individuals must be recruiting to hire for their own organization and may not post on behalf of another agency, organization or individual. 

Academic Department Feedback
The Career Development Center reserves the right to withhold a job or internship posting if an academic department at Appalachian State University requests relations with an employer or internship host be restricted or terminated.

The Career Center reserves the right to determine whether or not to publish a job or internship.

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