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For details about Student Affairs operations, see the Student Affairs Covid-19 Response. Updated June 10, 2020 at 8:20 a.m.

Hire a Student

To work in the Fall or Spring a student must be registered for at least one course in the semester(s) they plan to work.

To work during the summer a student must be enrolled in at least one summer session


Must have been enrolled in the spring semester and is pre-registered for fall.

To work beyond the last day of finals a student must be enrolled in the next semester.

If your student HAS worked on campus before (within the past year)


  • an EPAF form (only if your department is approved to use EPAF)

HAS NOT worked on campus before (or three years since they have)

If the student doesn’t know if they have worked before call or email us with the student’s name and Banner ID and we will check for you.

Inform New-Hire students that they MUST be authorized by the Office of Student Employment before their first day of work, this includes any training.

After a student presents their Student Employment Forms and completes employment verification with our office they must sign up for direct deposit enrollment on their Appalnet account.

Not sure if the student has worked before? Call or email us with the students name and Banner ID and we will check for you.

For New Supervisors:

  • Student Confidentiality Agreement  optional form for your reference if issues arise with work place conduct.
  • Add specific guidelines to this handbook reference to help set expectations for your student workers

Food Service, UREC, and other departments on the EPAF system may use this Hourly Wage Form(.doc) (Please do not use this form if you are not on Stromberg payroll.)

A new University Mandate has centralized the I-9 and E-verify process at App State. As of July 1st 2015, the Office of Student Employment, with the support of Human Resources, now conducts the I-9 and E-verify processing of student temps and work study students. Supervisors’ old E-verify accounts will be suspended on this date.

Inform your new student worker that if they have never worked on campus before, they must visit the centralized I-9 site on the third floor of the JET Bldg, Room 389 or 390 prior to the first day of employment.

PLEASE Advise your new hire to bring unexpired, original IDs listed in the I-9 directions (page 9 “Lists of Acceptable Documents”) when they fill out the Student Temporary Authorization with you.

  • We will send email reminders for Authorization deadlines two or three days before each payroll time entry window closes. We have to process your students’ paperwork and submit it to payroll before the time entry window closes for the period in which your student began working (1st -15th of the month or 16th end of the month), so that your student can enter their time into web time entry and the department approver can approve their time.
  • Mail or hand-deliver your paperwork to Student Employment, 389 John E. Thomas Bldg.
  • Incomplete paperwork will be returned with a note describing what is missing.
Amending Forms
  • If you need to amend an authorization (changed end date, wage increase, different FOAP code, etc) cross out the old info on your copy, write in the new, indicate which field you revised on the top of the form, initial, date, and send us a photocopy.

The Office of International Education and Development has resources on their website to help an International student with employment regulations, questions, and how to obtain a social security card.

Please have International students contact us to make an appointment for new hire paperwork processing if they have never worked on campus before.

The student must obtain and bring their social security card to the Office of Student Employment by the end of the semester that the student began work.

Please have the international student fill out a NC4 NRA instead of the NC4 or NC4EZ state tax forms.

Contact Us

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