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Odd Jobs

Submit this form to offer an odd job on our odd jobs mailing list. Odd jobs may include moving, yard work, minor repair jobs, babysitting, etc. within the Boone area. These positions are submitted to an email listserv. Please only include information that you would like to share directly with the students who have signed up for the odd jobs email list. The Student Employment Office reserves the right to reject your posting if we feel that it does not meet the best interests of our students.

Appalachian State University (the "University") makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed on this site. The University is not responsible and accepts no liability for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment; all such employment arrangements are at the user's sole risk. Further, the University makes no representations or guarantees regarding any individual's integrity, safety, confidentiality, fitness or competence for employment, or other aspects of off-campus employment. It is the responsibility of the employer to interview, check references and/or perform background checks on any individual hired. Employers shall collect any needed information, ensure compliance with state and federal tax laws and provide any insurance needed.

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