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Writing Your Resume

Applications to jobs on campus require that you a submit resume.

We are here to help! Follow these steps and you’ll have a resume ready to upload.

Step 1: Follow This Example
Begin by typing your name, address, school. List your experiences and leadership positions (most recent first). You might not have as many experiences as this example resume and that is ok! Resume Example (.docx) You are welcome to download this example and create your own document from it. Be sure to remove the information that is not your own and use your own words.

Step 2: Use Verbs
Describe what you have done in each of your experiences. Start your descriptions with verbs that are interesting and avoid boring ones such as did, went, and worked. See a list here for suggestions: Power Verbs(.docx)

Step 3: Save and Proofread Your Resume
Have a trusted person take a look at your resume to help catch misspelled words, grammatical errors, or typos. Now you are ready to submit your resume in application to on-campus jobs posted to CareerGear.

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